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Element1 Energy Inc.

Developing Hydrogen, CCUS and Net-Zero Fuels

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About Element1 Energy Inc.

Developing Hydrogen, CCUS and Net-Zero Fuels.

Element1 utilizes existing Canadian energy and midstream infrastructure assets to create "Blue" hydrogen, CCUS and net-zero fuel solutions throughout the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.  We have developed a novel integration of proven technologies in a manner not previously incorporated to create reduced carbon intensity solutions for Canadian industry and residents, and global fuel providers.

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Blue Hydrogen

Alberta's abundance of natural gas and existing infrastructure allows for cost effective, low carbon intensity hydrogen production.

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Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage - Utilizing existing reservoirs and proven technologies, Element1's initial facility is set to capture and sequester >585,000 Tonnes per year of CO2 or utilize and convert the CO2 into higher value carbon products.

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Net-Zero Fuel Solutions

Element1's process allows for the creation of low carbon intensity, net-zero fuels that can be easily transported or incorporated into existing combustion systems to further reduce emissions. Thermal energy, water recycling, best in class carbon intensity power and by-fuels will be incorporated to enhance net-zero solutions.

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Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage - Utilizing existing reservoirs and proven technologies, Element1's initial facility is set to capture and sequester >585,000 Tonnes per year of CO2 or utilize and convert the CO2 into higher value carbon products.

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Low Carbon Intensity Co-Generation Power

Element1 generates low carbon intensity power utilizing best in class technology below current emission standards.

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Proven experience building valued energy projects, globally.


Rick Henschel

Chief Executive Officer & Director

Rick has had a 40-year career spanning all aspects of electricity and petroleum development, production, and sales of energy commodities and products. He has been involved in senior energy marketing and business development positions with major trading firms and expanded conventional energy and non-traditional energy delivery strategies of oil, gas, LNG, LPG and electricity, globally.  Rick continues to run a commodity and risk brokerage firm.

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John Fairhead

Director - Land, Regulatory & Stakeholder Engagement

John has had a 40 year career in the natural gas, utilities and land sectors.  He spent 34 years at ATCO operating and maintaining natural gas systems including regulating and gate stations, the development of corporate, municipal and provincial policies, natural gas rates, upgrading systems, overseeing field construction practices and land rights. John is also a land agent working for Canada’s largest energy producers, numerous co-generation and alternate energy. John is a retired President of the Devon & District Chamber of Commerce. Continues to sit on the board of numerous organizations.


Dr. Jennifer Considine

Director - Risk & Commercial

Jennifer has had a 30+ year career in options pricing, real options valuations of physical assets including electricity generation facilities, storage companies, and natural gas pipelines and contracts, risk management and hedging techniques, and trading strategies and setting of hedging strategies for North America’s largest energy producers. Jennifer is a senior research fellow and lecturer at the Centre for Energy, Petroleum, Mineral Law & Policy at the University of Dundee, Chief Editor of an energy newsletter and Head of Storage Pricing Models for a large Middle East organization.

Michael Arthurs LinkedIn.jpg

Michael Arthurs

Director - Sustainability

Michael has had a 20+ year career in strategy, project development, commercial, circular economy and sustainability matters for energy, midstream, mining, agricultural and industrial companies, on 5 continents. Michael is currently the Managing Director for the United Arab Emirates' Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) Breakthrough Coalition, in conjunction with Carbon Gap, identifying CDR pathways for the UAE. Previously he has overseen field operations, project planning, coordinating and reporting all aspects of large international exploration programs and has extensive experience as a project manager, business developer, and has been responsible for strategy, commercial, and contractual matters of a national Middle East oil company. Michael continues to develop low carbon intensity fuels, sustainable agriculture and decarbonization technologies, globally.

Glenn K.jpg

Glenn Kowalsky

Vice President Engineering

Glenn has had a 30+ year career as a process engineer for major international energy producers.  His roles have included Manager of Process Development, Director of Business Development & VP of Engineering at select major international petrochemical producers and Chief Origination Officer of green hydrogen projects in North America.  Glenn has extensive publications regarding the use and performance of solvents, commercial acid gas treatment plants and industrial recovery boilers.

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Element1 Energy Inc.
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